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Author: Maurice (Travin)

The great Amazon migration of 2020

Completed the big Amazon migration project last night. We moved all services from to AWS in just 48 hours. I am very happy with the ease at which Amazon has allowed such migrations to take place. This move affords us a...

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Member’s section

Finished getting all the sign-up and comments rules in place last night. Today’s focus will be on setting up the Member’s section and injecting more content into the site so it doesn’t look so...

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Basic Framework online

I’ve manage to get the basic framework online for this new blog. I’ve also finished about 1/2 of the member functionality. Just need to solve for VIP access and a way to control comments. I should easily be done by...

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So many challenges

The difficulty in just trying to get a system in place to post a small blog comment and have it look good on the front page is very challenging. Things are coming along, just very slowly.

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